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The incest's odor

23 Februarie 2007
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Prof. Dr. Florin Topolicenu's behavior towards his three children and especially towards his daughter Amalia is similar to a psychopath's. The daily ZIUA of Iasi possesses in exclusivity the shocking statements of the daughter, who amply told the way she had been beaten by her father because she had refused to satisfy his sexual pleasures. "As I refused you, another episode began in my life, hard to imagine cruelty, the beatings. The real reason for those monstrous beatings was the fact that I did not give in to your sexual pedophilia importunities. Although my hand was bulging but for the bats, you just kept on bludgeoning with sick thirsty and hatred, by a bat which had been taken blindly from the garden. The only thing that would make you stop beating me was my warning I would shout and tell mother everything, and you knew very well that I referred to the sexual abuse", stated Amalia Topoliceanu, in a letter to his father. After daily ZIUA of Iasi published in exclusivity the article entitled "Devil's Professor", where the daughter of Prof. Dr. Florin Topoliceanu amply told the sexual abuses endured from her father during her childhood, he tried to avenge on his wife, with whom he has been in divorce for more than two years.
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