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The Indians have nothing to lose

18 Noiembrie 2006
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Mittal Steel SA Galati is on the point of being closed, as the Indian stock-holders have only partially carried out the investments for the environment.The company`s closure would imply the same fate for Mittal Steel SA Iasi,former Tepro SA. Mital Steel SA Iasi has practically been left without debts to the government,but with enormous ones to Mittal Steel SA Galati( Sidex) . Yesterday, the daily ZIUA presented an article which proves that, because of not having carried out the necessary investments for protecting the environment, The National Guard For Environment might suspend the authorization of functioning to Sidex SA Galati, which would equate to the break of the economic work. In case former Sidex Galati , presently Mittal Steel SA Galati interrupts its activity, the ex-factory Metalurgica from Iasi will have no raw material for carrying on its own work.
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