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The Judges Punish the Electric Breakdown

27 Decembrie 2006
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The Inspectors from the Consumer Protection Board have eventually amended the electric power supplyer.The managers from E.On have begun a real war, charging the Consumer's Protection with dishonesty. Seeming to be cut from a fools' movie, manager Mazilu, from E.ON affirms that the inspectors should have special studies for noticing a contravention, more precisely a breakdown but for the supplier." The representatives from E.ON felt themselves caviled at the fact that up to the moment the center has never been punished with fine from the Consumer Protection- the fine being perceived as an offence, simply a very well-aimed injury" , replied the Manager from the County Board for Consumer Protection Iasi. Having gained immunity in front of the state institutions by the fact they own the monopoly over the electric power, the employees from E.ON enabled themselves to supply the power at their will, during the last year.
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