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The King's Confession

28 Martie 2007
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Jan Buliga, one of the most popular members of the demimonde of Iasi, has revealed within a discussion with the reporters of ZIUA the nuttiest details from the world of the fleshmongers of Iasi. In order to prove his innocence related to a file where he is charged with robbery, rape and privation of liberty, Buliga asked the physicians measure his penis.

It has been observed that he has a limp penis with a diameter of 11 centimeters, so that he was not able to have a sexual relationship with the two minors that declare themselves his victims. Jan Buliga's story is beyond any good action movies' scripts.
He is 40, almost two meters height, 100 kilogrames and he could be considered the man with the biggest penis in Iasi. Both within the prison and at large he is surnamed "the king". Inside the prison, he is treated like a king by the other convicts, and at large he has been cracked up as the man with the strongest fist, being able to beat whoever.

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