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The Lack of High Technology Determines the Olympic Winners` Migration

15 Decembrie 2006
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The idea according to which the Romanian olympic winners go abroad for material reasons is quite far from reality. The main reason for their choice in order to continue the studies and even to establish there is the fact that they have the opportunity to work with high-quality techniques. " The opportunity of working with the latest technique is one of the main reasons for which the very capable Romanian youngmen choose to go abroad. I was surprised when most of them told me that they didn`t go for the money`s sake, but because there was a real opportunity of benefitting by the best conditions for studying throughly.The most of them are keen on what they do, and the greatest advantage is the fact that abroad they can work in the latest generation`s laboratories ", said Seryl Talpalaru, the Director of both the National College" Emil Racovita"and the Center of Excellence from Iasi.
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