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The Last Two Employees and Damages of Hundreds of Billions

24 Mai 2007
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SC Comtom SA Tomesti has obtained the counter-performance of registering enormous damages, to a total value of 102, 262 billion Lei (10,226,289 RON). Beside the two employees from the administrative department, manager Zlate and the accountant, Comtom has five more workers, employed as watchmen. The leader of the junior liberals of Iasi is a member of the auditors' board from Comtom SA. Having only two employees in 2006, Comtom SA Tomesti has succeeded in the counter-performance of recording an enormous loss, amounting 102, 262 billion Lei (10, 226, 289 RON). The ruins from Comtom SA Tomesti have come to this state because of the execution debt enforcements which have determined sales whose values have been less than the accounting one.
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