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The last warning for CET

23 August 2007
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EON GAZ Romania has reconciled recently an ultimatum to SC CET Sa Iasi, in wich has mentioned that if the company do not pay at least 100 billions lei (10 millions Ron) from the total debt of 205 milbillions lei (20,5 millions ron) the providing with natural gas will be retained , leaving CET in the impossibility of working in normal limits. Because the people do not pay the bills , the associations of appartments owner are not able to reach the total of 2,5 billions lei daily. " We want to ask for a loan guaranteeing with the assets of the town hall to resolve this problem. In the sitting of the Local Council from 31 August will take place a debate on this subject", has declared yesterday the vicemayor Constantin Neculau il vicesindaco
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