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The Liberals` Recipe For the Tricked Contests Has Failed

25 Noiembrie 2006
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Valentin Salvastru, the leader of the prefecture's office and the coordinating secretary of PNL Iasi , has not succeeded in tricking the contest organized for occupying the post of reviewer, and the file of the spokesman from the young liberals, Andreea Boca has been rejected. As revenge, the president of the commission for evaluation -under-prefect Tudor Leonte has been denounced to the Office Workers' National Agency. A new scandal with political roots is going to begin at the Square House, as a response to the liberals from Iasi , represented at the prefecture by Valerian Salavastru, leader of the prefecture's office, as they have not succeeded in awarding a post of civil servant by frauds. From the beginning of 2005,when PNL obtained the power, and confiscated the county administration through the former prefect Radu Prisacaru and Valerian Salavastru ,and the posts of public office workers began to be occupied according to other criteria than the ones stipulated by law or by the competence and the professional experience .
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