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The Liberals Run Andrieseni With the Law of the Prowlers' in Their Hands

13 Martie 2007
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One of the men of Liberal Vice-Mayor's Mihai Urma has aggressed the reporters of the daily ZIUA of Iasi, even trying to hit them. An accusation which shackled with Liberal Mihai Urma is that he used the City Hall's money in order to buy electronic machineries for his own house. "The Church flogs the vices, but does not give examples", said the Father of the commune, Mihai Cepeliuc.

A woman from Andrieseni was very close to death after receiving free medicines from the caravan of the Liberal Deputy's Traian Dobre.
Caught in the middle of the electoral campaign, the liberal candidate of Andieseni City Hall's, currently the commune's Vice-Mayor, is determined to win the election with any price. For carrying his point, Liberal Mihai Urma has also gathered some gees around him, ready to hit seriously the ones that he considers political adversaries. Yesterday, right within the office of Andrieseni City Hall, one of men of the Liberal Urma's aggressed the reporters of the daily ZIUA of Iasi and even tried to hit them.

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