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The Mafia of the Lands - Dashed

17 Ianuarie 2007
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The prosecutors have reversed the judgement of the County Board for land resources, through which Rapaport family have been given 38 hectares in Copou Vineyard- even if their claim referred to some land in Tomesti. There are certain intermediaries behind this affair, among them being Dumitru Cojocaru, who has paid 8, 6 billion lei (86, 6 million RON) for the proprietary rights assignment. But Cojocaru does not have the financial force to pay this money, which means that there are also other people having gotten involved into this business. Then, there comes the discharge concerning the order through which Floarea Danescu has been given 20 hectares in Copou area. She has sold the propriety rights for 470 thousand Euros. There are high chances for the judgement to be reversed, as it is based on a false. The two retrocession cases have been on the first page of the daily ZIUA of Iasi plenty of times, the reporters' investigation being confirmed by the magistrates. Two orders of the County Board for land resources, through which there have almost been reft thousands of hectares in Copou area, amounting to some thousands million Euros, are going to be reversed by the prosecutors, as a response to the municipality's claim. It is about the retrocession files on the name of Rapaport brothers' and of Floarea Danescu's, who were to be given 38, respectively 20 hectares of land in Copou area.
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