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The Mayor of Dumesti Ruffling All the State's Institutions

5 Decembrie 2006
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The conflict from Dumesti reached the maximum level yesterday, the villagers being on the point of scuffling with the ones having poached their lands, for which they have certificates and which they have owned and cropped until now.

" I'm very annoyed by the fact that the local administration and the public institutions haven't done their duty, not having announced us.", declared prefect Nicusor Paduraru yesterday. He also disclosed that the firm which had poached the lands with their bulldozers, ABC Construction SRL, had neither any building authorization nor any urbanism certificate for their work.
The mayor of Dumesti, Mihai Sabaiduc, is going to be checked by almost every state's institution, as a consequence to yesterday's rebellious reaction of the about 40 villagers owning lands in the respective area, when the bulldozers appeared.

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