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The most expensive faculties from Iasi

11 Iulie 2007
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One of the most expensive faculties , from the point of wiev of the annual tax , from the University Al I Cuza are the facolties of Economy and Business Management and that of Informatics Technology, where the annual taxes go higher than 2400 Ron. The University Gh. Asachi and G. M. Cantacuzino are the leaders of the market, because the annual taxes are of 2800 Ron. Not an exception is also the University Of Automatic and Computers where a tax of 2700 Ron is required. The Technic University is not very sought from the students, because the number of the offered places will be equal to the number of the candidates, and the University won`t earn more than 462 000 Ron this year. When talking about earnings, Al I Cuza Cuza rules with 1 680 000 Ron obtained from the annual rates of taxes.
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