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The Most of the County's Wells Contain Undrinkable Water

28 Iunie 2007
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The results of the laboratory tests for the water samples of the public wells from the county's communes have showed that the most of them contain a nitrite concentration above the limit admitted ,not corresponding from a bacteriological point of view. The main cause is the draught, which has determined the decrease in the water level in the wells. After the tests on the water of the public wells from the communes of Iasi County, there was noticed that 90 per cent of them contain nitrites which exceed the normal limit. Moreover, scores of wells do not correspond not even from a bacteriological point of view. According to the statement of Dr. Manuela Trifan, from the Sanitary StateExamination, the main cause which determined a high nitrites concentration in the wells' water is the decrease in the water level.
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