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The Non-reimbursable Funding Programs for IMM

30 Martie 2007
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The National Agency for the Small and Average Companies and Cooperation (ANIMMC) will develop 13 programs of financial support and entrepreneurial training for the representatives of IMM department's and of the small companies'. There might be obtained funds for training the personnel, for supporting the crafts and the handicraft, the trade, the women-managers, for developing the entrepreneurial culture or the purchasing of the machineries, the equipments, the installation for work or of some modern means of administrational accounts in order to improve the economic performances.

The multi-annual national program for 2006- 2009 for supporting IMM for developing the export comes to help the entrepreneur who wants to have access to the external markets and to capitalize the productive potential. Within this program, each beneficiary could obtain over one year a non-reimbursable financial allocation of maximum 10,000 Euros (25,000 RON).

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