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The Old and the New Boyars

14 Februarie 2007
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The old staff of the ex- State Property Funds (FPS) has been reactivated at Iasi. The ex- leaders, coming from the Communist Party's labor checking groups, have been refit. A list from the date of May 22, 1997, owned by ZIUA of Iasi, with the persons that represent the Romanian State to different companies, bares certain interesting names from the current economic background. The companies that would be represented ten years ago by personalities such as Mihai Barbulescu, Felix Hrestic, Toader Berlea or Elena Antohi, now have serious problems. Boyars during Democrat Convention's government, the mentioned ones were reactivated during the mandate of the Alliance Dreptate si Adevar (Justice and Truth). "There was an exaggeration concerning the General Meetings from that period. Many branches separated from "Alimentara" or "Metalo-Chimice". This is why they were so numerous. In addition, the general meetings used to be a couple of times in a year. There was not taken so much money from there. I think I did my job wherever I was", stated yesterday Felix Hrestic, the current Manager within Siretul SA Pascani. The ex-leaders, belonging to the Communist Party's labor checking teams, have returned on the first position. Like ten years ago, the ex-members of the State Property Funds have turned into the checkers of the county economy, from different corners.
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