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The One Who Murdered the Old Italian Had Two Accomplices

13 Aprilie 2007
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Danut Maftei, the citizen of Iasi who, in only a couple of days' time, is going to be extradited to Italy in order to be investigated for having murdered an old man, also had two accomplices. Yesterday, the Italian prosecutors required the issuing of a foreign warrant and the extradition of Iulian Bosanceanu, Maftei's accomplice. The prosecutors of the Court of Appeal could not approve such a requirement, as Bosanceanu left the country. The Italian investigators affirm that Danut Maftei, 25 years old, did not take part by his own to the robberies and the murder committed on the Italian territory. Under these circumstances, the Italian prosecutors required a foreign warrant on the name of the second citizen of Iasi, respectively Iulian Bosanceanu.
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