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The Palace's Ball Eclipsed By the Political Interests

20 Noiembrie 2006
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The sum of 500 Euro imposed as a tax for participation determined many guests to invoke various reasons ,more or less personal, in order to motivate their absence. This did not happen in the case of Prince Gheorghe Sturza, senator Varujan Vosganian, Adrian Iorgulescu- Minister of Culture- and the popular actor Alexandru Arsinel. Regarding the clothes, most of the men preferred the classic suit, also worn at their work, to the smoking.

This year's Palace Ball suffered because of the rather mean political interests which dominated, than the natives' major interest: the restoration of The Palace of Culture, a symbol for Iasi and even for whole Moldavia. With invitations addressed to the VIPs of Iasi -unlike the last year's , when the ex-Prefect Prisacaru respected Relu Fenechiu's orders , inviting people who either had made some favors to them or they were to respond to certain commands of the same two politicians. Meanwhile, Prisacaru has been arrested and suspended from his function. From about 500 invitations, only 150 people took part to this year's Ball. None of PSD's leaders was there, none of the town hall's leaders- even if The Palace of Culture represents the town's emblem- no member of PD's organization from Iasi. None of the two under- prefects was present, which made prefect Nicusor Paduraru's task even heavier. It could be said that the prefect's action was boycotted by some of the public people of Iasi , for these one of the group interests or the personal ones being put above.

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