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The Patients from Neurosurgery under the Ambulance Drivers` Thumb

9 Februarie 2007
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The patients from Moldova's counties who leave the Hospital of Neurology have to wait at the registering department for days until an ambulance from the respective county comes to bring them home. "My father has suffered two brain operations, his legs are in gypsum and we have been waiting for four days for an ambulance from Neamt to bring us home. I have been asked 5 million Lei to take him with a private car and, as far as I know, this is also the price asked by certain ambulance drivers, but we do not have this money", said Viorica Mastaleru, the daughter of an 82 year old patient. The ambulance drivers from the Moldavian counties have come to make the rules at the Hospital of Neurology. The doctors are under their thumb as for taking a patient who is about to leave the hospital and who has to be brought to his place of residence.
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