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The Plague From the Prefecture

14 Martie 2007
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Browbeaten by the head of the Prefect's Office, Valerian Salavastru, almost one third of the employees of the Prefecture's solicited to be employed at the County Board. It is about 15 employees, that either have presented an employment request, or they have gained a hearing to the heads of the County Board so that to obtain a job.

Salavastru speaks them miserably and forces them subscribe to the National Liberal Party, even though they are civil servants.
The Prefecture of Iasi County has begun a sure self-destruction through the current managerial staff of the National Liberal Party's county organization. This happens because almost a third of the employees from the Prefecture of Iasi have demanded to be employed at the County Board because they cannot bear any longer the psychic torture Valerian Salavastru inflicts on them daily.

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