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The police fired in the gypsys

21 Iulie 2007
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Yesterday morning, the local police have intervened in force in Ciurea to capture the persons accused of depriving of liberty. The police fired with fires of warning, but for misfortune, Irina Stanescu, of only 12 years has been injured. The gypsys have retorted , throwing with stones in the police. The protests of the gypsys continued in front of the building of the local police from Iasi.
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Revert  | #15953
Assuming some foreigner actually read the above article... It`s chronologically wrong and false. The Police came looking for those gupsyes, the whole villege got there to protect them, they begun throwing stones and bricks and the coips fired warning shots. The Policemen said they fired in an upward direction, but two bullets backfired into those two girls.
Stating that the police have intervened in force, then the police fired and only after that stating that the gypsies have retorted is wrong
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