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The Police, the Fugitives' Accessaries

8 Decembrie 2006
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Sensational: Denis Gabriel Popovici and Gabriel Teodorescu tried again to escape on October, 9 with more than one month before having escaped from the arrest, on the night of November, 20. Their attempt had been noticed by the police, but still dissembled, the prosecutors not being announced. Afterwards, the two prisoners were moved in other cell, but also together. At the first attempt there were noticed the grates had been burst open and the video cams had recorded one man's form approaching towards the cell's window, from outside. According to the penal code, the attempt to escape is punished with imprisonment up to two years. In return to certain penalties, some of the policemen that should have guarded the respective prisoners have been promoted. The information exclusively owned by the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi prove that some of the officers, employed by Iasi County's Police Inspectorate, have collaborated for the score of the two criminals, Denis Gabriel Popovici and Gabriel Teodorescu's , who escaped on the night of November, 20.
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