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The Politicians of Iasi Disapprove Chiuariu

10 Mai 2007
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The parliamentarians of Iasi disapprove the gesture made yesterday, at the meeting of the Superior Board of Magistracy, by the Minister of Justice, Tudor Chiuariu, who demanded the dismissal of the head of Section II DNA, Doru Tulus. Moreover, DNA's leader, Daniel Morar stated with the same occasion that the Minister of Justice had only said him not to analyse the great records of corruption during the suspension of President Traian Basescu.

"Romania has been already taken into account by the European Union and we are not far from activating the insurance clause for Justice", stated Senator Dan Carlan. Yesterday, plenty representatives from the Ministry of Justice resigned as protest towards Chiuariu's acts.
As it had been presumed, Tudoriu Chiuariu appointed as a Minister of Justice - after he had been the lawyer of PNL's baron Relu Fenechiu for years - started the pressure against the magistrates who were charged with investigating the great crimes of corruption. Two days ago, Tudor Chiuariu demanded within the Superior Board of Magistracy (CSM) the dismissal of the head of Section II DNA, Doru Tulus, invoking his inefficiency. However, DNA Department managed by Doru Tulus instrumented the heaviest records of corruption from the last two years, drafted against some important personalities such as Adrian Nastase, Dan Voiculescu, so that the charge with inefficiency cannot be proved. After CSM's meeting, 32 prosecutors from DNA joined Doru Tulus and yesterday, still in order to support the head of Section II DNA, there were handed the demission from the Ministry of Justice of Daniel Danilet, Monica Macovei's ex-adviser, Ion Codescu, state secretary for European business and Laura Stefan, manager within the Public Relations Department from the Ministry of Public.

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