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The Prefecture Banishes the Foreign Investors

22 Mai 2007
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The representatives of a Dutch company stated that, but for the guardian, they could not enter the Square House (Casa Patrata). There can be proved one more time that the authorities' bureaucracy banishes the foreign investors.
After last week's incident, when the employees of the Prefecture of Iasi insulted plenty media's representatives, the mentioned institution still shows the same attitude when it comes about foreign investors. A certain commission of a Software company's was not allowed to enter the Square House, the entrance guardian having been ordered not to leave anyone inside, but the employees. "It was easier to enter the Embassy of Holland than the Prefecture of Iasi.

We would rather not insist upon this fact", added Bogdan Radu, the representative of Company Code 40 in Iasi. He states that the company is interested in breaking into the Romanian market. Consequently, he decided to appeal to the authorities first. "We represent an important name in the domain. We have been to the Prefecture, now we have also come to the City Hall. We have contracts only with external partners, and we'd like to extend within the country at the same time", he added. Code 40 is a Software company having been performed in Iasi since 2005, being a Dutch investment of Company Maxcode. Emanoil Arhip, the spokesman of Iasi County Prefecture, affirms he does not know what is all about, but he will inform upon it.
"I know nothing about this. I do not have the knowledge upon what you are talking about. Give me the information and I will note it. Generally, we are quite in good terms with the companies of this type", stated Emanoil Arhip. Having been called, Prefect Nicusor Paduraru replied in a similar way. At the Square House nobody knows anything, maybe only the guardian who is banishing the journalists. "I do not have this piece of information. I don't know. There have been many companies of this type which have come to us. There are certain protocols that must be respected at the Embassy and at the Prefecture alike. Anyone who comes to us is always announced. In case they came and they did not enter, they might have had a full agenda", stated Prefect Nicusor Paduraru.

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