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The Prison's Lock

24 Februarie 2007
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Yearly, she gives birth to a child in order to be released from prison. Daily, she takes her children and goes begging, four souls tormented by coldness, rain, blizzard. Other five children have been abandoned by Mariana Duicu into the orphanages. The kids' grandmother refused to accept her daughter home anymore, after the latter was sentenced for procurement.

For a couple of years, Mariana has been sleeping under the bridges, inside the railway station or even on the street.
Nine children, the tenth is to be born in only some months' time, all having been given birth for only one purpose: that of escaping their mother from prison. Each of these children could be considered a lock which shuts the door of the prison so that their mother would not enter there to execute the punishment. A part of the children- five, have been abandoned, the other four are producing money: they are being forced to begg in order to take pity on the passengers and be given some money. The worst of all: the kids' mother uses them lest she remains in prison, keeping them on the sidewalk, no matter if it is cold, it rains or it is sunny, or the fact that but for the woman's extremely poor level of education she does not know anything about the possibilities of being socially integrated. The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi have discovered in the town an amazing case, which they present not only to the readers, but to the whole civil society, in order to find a solution for such people.

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