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The Private Universities from Iasi Have Become Diplomas' Manufactories

3 Ianuarie 2007
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Iasi, the oldest university center in Romania, has become the paradise for the academic bargain purchasers. Chaos, personal interests and illegalities characterize most of the private universities. "Petre Andrei" University has been passing through an institutional crisis for more than three years, after Niculae Niculescu's illegal coming as rector.

People whose age is above 70 years, which is forbidden by law, lead the Universities "Gheorghe Zane" and "Mihail Kogalniceanu". The case of The Ecological University "Dimitrie Cantemir" is clamant, as it represents a real diplomas' manufacturer; despite the fact it has been dissolved from 2002, the university keeps on registering young people dreaming to obtain a license certificate.
The oldest Romanian university center has turned into a paradise for the academic chase purchasers. Being protected by certain permissive laws and by the lack of reaction from the educational representatives', the private universities from Iasi are just on the legal line. Although the legislation related to education stipulates that the professors above 65 years old should not be allowed to occupy managerial positions, but to be retired, the teaching staff far above the legal age still lead the private universities from Iasi, without exception.

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