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The Proof of Deputy Dobre's Raffishness

3 Aprilie 2007
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On the other hand, in order to quicken the accession to estate without any interference of the state institutions, Traian Dobre has opened another trial by which he solicits, through a presidential order, the evacuation of the respective area by Sport Club Nicolina. The Territorial department of Silvan Service and Hunting Suceava has instituted proceedings against the company Comat SA, of Deputy Traian Dobre's, ex-PSD's member, currently PNL's, in order to cancel the bill of sale for the land placed on the border of Ciric Lake, clinched between the mentioned parties. At the end of the last week, the magistrates from the Law Court of Iasi decided that the trial would be judged at the Court of Iasi, through a declension of competence.
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