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The Proof of the Set Bankruptcy

20 Martie 2007
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On November 22, 2004, AVAS canceled the contract of privatization of SC Nicolina SA and sent Mihai Barbulescu as an interim manager. "Nobody would have bought a factory with such debts as Nicolina used to have at that moment. We have permanently intended to talk to AVAS. It was a clear focalization. I'm not talking about money, but about principles. That is what they wanted", stated the ex-manager of Nicolina, Dan Bliuc. Nicolina SA's restructuring program, coordinated by Mihai Barbulescu, limited to some assets sale and the payment of some debts to the state and to a part of the wage debts. The ex- employees from NIcolina SA have to recover salaries which amount13 billion Lei (1, 3 million RON).
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