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The Prosecution Accusations Against the Venal

6 Decembrie 2006
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Yesterday, the National Anti- Corruption Department announced that the ex-prefect Radu Prisecaru would be sent to trial under the accusation of bribery and complicity to bribery. Besides Prisecaru there were also sent to trial the ex-chief of ADS Iasi, Flavius Ionis, charged of having taken bribery, Toni Baltag as accomplice both to having taken and having offered bribery and the man of business Cristian Maftei for the same frauds as the latter and also for fraudulent misrepresentation with illegal intentions. The telephonic listening and the environmental records clearly prove that Radu Prisecaru and Flavius Ionis have asked for 3 hectares of land nearby Metro in order to retrocede 16 hectares to The Fornas. In the prosecution accusation, the magistrates still show that Radu Prisecaru is also in charged in other retrocede files for whose deliverance he is supposed to have offered bribery. ZIUA of Iasi quotes below the most important aspects from the prosecution accusation made by the magistrates from the National Anti-Corruption Department, and also some fragments from the records and the phone listening which prove the ex-prefect' and his accomplices' guiltiness. The file is to be judged at the Court of Iasi. Maftei Cristian: "You see my purpose here, don't you? Forna Dorin:" So...that of not being..." Maftei Cristian:" I'm doing a good thing for both the parts, I'm playing the bailsman, that's all" F.D.: "He should ...hmmm...go to THAT one he has to" M. C." The pay off - at the end, when everything's solved"
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