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The Public Transport's Smart Guy

16 Aprilie 2007
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The owner of SC Unistil SRL, Vasile Puscasu will cash from each taxi-maxi's operator 15 million Lei monthly per car. This happens because the 92 minibuses of Minibus Society will be retreated from the lines from tomorrow, and the minibuses' owners will need Puscasu's approval in order to operate. This smart guy came to such a situation because the municipality had offered him the lines through the Public Corporation for Public Transport. The owner of SC Unistil SRL, Vasile Puscasu, is turning into the local transport's smart guy, obviously, the remark being addressed to the ones having overbought from the state and having sold it back to the state expensively. In Puscasu's case, the situation will be approximately the same: from Tuesday, April 17, he is going to stay home ad cash up 15 million Lei per minibus.
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