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The Readers' Opinion Concerning Media Galaxy

15 Februarie 2007
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After the article "Media Galaxy's Trick", the readers of the online version of the daily ZIUA of Iasi commented upon the defiant attitude of the mentioned company's representatives, censuring both the fact that there have been cases in which some of them were fooled, by being sold poor quality products, and by the manner in which they have been addressed.

Insulted or simply ignored when denouncing a certain infringement, the customers of the retail shops affirm that a part of the guilt is of the managerial staff's, who does not stimulate financially the personnel and the people who have a direct contact with the customers. We mention that all these comments were posted on the site, after the mentioned article had been published, relating the conflict between a customer from Media Galaxy's center within Tudor Vladimirescu Campus and some employees. We remind you that one of the store's customers had bought a mobile phone, which, two days after, went wrong. When intending to exchange the product, the customer was refused, the shop assistants being in charged with lack of respect and indolence by the customer, reason for which the latter preferred to bang the mobile to the floor than accepting the way he had been treated. It should be mentioned that after publishing this article, ZIUA of Iasi also published Altex Company's view point, sent to the editorial office as a response. We present below a part of the readers' series of comment, indicating the name chosen by the reader, together with the date and the hour when it was posted. The great amount of readers who found it necessary to express their opinion proves not only the interest towards the daily ZIUA of Iasi, but also towards the customers' problems, in general.

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