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The Rents Increase Four Times

28 Mai 2007
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About 3,600 families are going to be affected by the increase in the rent taxes on the municipality's flats. Concerning the social dwellings, the rent cannot exceed 15 per cent of a family's monthly average incomes, established by the Government to approximately 11 million Lei (1, 100 RON). The governmental decision stipulates that the increase in the rent for the dwellings which are under the local administration should be from 2,000 Lei (0, 2 RON) on house room square meter to 8,400 Lei (0, 84 RON). By the Governmental Decision no. 310 from 2007, the rent taxes for the flats administered by the municipality, the social dwellings, either square or built by ANL will increase considerably. "The law stipulates that the applicability should have begun from March, this year. We are only on the phase of calling on the tenants to declare their income statement so that we could calculate the new rent tariff.
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