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The Romanian Wine's History In an Old Manorial House From Harlau

28 Aprilie 2007
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Few people do know that at Harlau, in an old manorial house, there has been founded The Grape Vine and Wine's Museum, whose initiative belongs to the managerial staff of Moldova Museum Complex. There are exposed even grape crushers of more than one thousand years, found in some localities from Moldova. This is the only wine museum of Moldova. Even though it is said that Burebista cut the grape vines but for the Dacians' habit of drinking, an exhibition arranged within a manorial house from Harlau proves that, later on, the Walachians from Moldova continued to be interested in grape-growing. At Harlau, there was set up The Grape Vine and Wine's Museum in 1994, at the initiative of the managerial staff from Moldova Museum Complex.
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