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The Rooter Has Lost the Land

9 Februarie 2007
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Norina Consuela Forna, the Dean from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of Iasi, lost a plot which had been valued to some million Euros. The magistrates from the Court of Iasi decided yesterday to cancel the sentence of the County Land Resources Board, through which there had been approved the Fornas' revendication. A part of this land should have been taken as bribery by ex- prefect Radu Prisecaru.

It is more and more obvious that Radu Prisecaru, as a Prefect, has influenced the members of the commission so that Forna could own some areas that the solicitant had not inherited from anybody.
Surprising verdict from the Court of Iasi: yesterday, the magistrates decided to cancel the sentence of the Land Resources Board through which Norina Consuela Forna, the Dean from the Faculty of Dental Medicine within the University of Medicines and Pharmacy Iasi, had been put in possession with an area of 16 hectares nearby Iasi
The citizens of Iasi bear the image created by an ex-prefect charged with corruption, who is of the blackest dye. Beyond the glasses of an "intellectual", formed at the University Petre Andrei, there was in fact a transgressor -about whom we have written so many times- that has other interests than the one of representing the Government in the region. The whole scandal has reflected Iasi County, on the whole country, as a corrupting place of the tag tails', not only of the political ones'. The Bench has harshly stricken the people involved in the bribery scandal and in the spectacular arrestment of the ex- Prefect of Iasi, Radu Prisecaru: the land of the bribery asked by Prisecaru, according to the prosecutors, shouldn't have been given to Norina Forna, the Dean from The Faculty of Dental Medicine within UMF Iasi. Practically, the jury have decided that the land retrocession to the wife of the indicter Forna is illegal. Groups of interests who promote illicit business, bribery, disdain towards laws and towards the other members of the society are the elements promoted by this scandal at the highest county's level. The medical staff is leaving abroad, on its turn, as well as the level of poverty; meanwhile, Radu Prisacaru was on the make, using in the most miserable manner his position which- it's the last straw- is purposed to become the bail of the law. So far, only Prisacaru has failed, but it is expected that the other persons involved are to be brought to book.

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