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The Russian Have Purchased Fortus

8 Iunie 2007
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Starting from today, the Heavy Machinery Work (CUG) Iasi belongs to the Russian investors from Atom Stroi. The new general manager of Fortus SA Iasi is, from now on, Vladimir Genadevici Banacencov, while the assistant manager is Gheorghe Chisca. These decisions were taken within the yesterday's meeting of the Administrative Board. The Russian investors took over Fortus, but there is also certain evidence according to which they are going to take over other similar units of Romania. "The ones still expecting an interest from Fortus should forget about it. The Russian will produce, and they won't make blocks or houses, as some people would have wanted. It is true that Metalul could no longer support Fortus and this fact was realized by many of the shareholders here", stated yesterday, exclusively for ZIUA of Iasi, Paul Tudor, a stockholder of Metal ExportImport and the president of the Administrative Board at Fortus SA Iasi. The transactions with the stock of Metal ExportImport SA amount to 5 million Euros.
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