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The Saving Hand In "Bribary To the Prefect "Files

1 Noiembrie 2006
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Although initially a value of 600 thousand Euro was established for the 3 hectares of land which were to be taken as bribary ,the expert from Bucharest who made the report rated a much lower price. "The prosecutors cannot act as experts in property so that they could make such an evaluation.I think the sum of 600 thousand Euro was only a press` speculation because ,in fact,the land`s value is much lower",Mihai Dunareanu declared last evening.The specialist nominated by Radu Prisacaru declared that one hectare in Metro area is worth only 5 thousand RON .The expert engaged to establish the report in "Bribary to the Prefect"files rated much lower values for the land which was to be taken as bribary,he told that the sum of 600 thousand Euro is too high for the respectiveland,the real one being much lower.
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