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The School from Manzatesti- at Death's Door

9 Decembrie 2006
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Without water, juiceless, and only with a dead stove which smokes from the inside- this is the way in which the pupils from the school in Manzatesti are being forced to study. Not even the basic hygienic norms are the children benefiting by, and they daily imbide the smoke from the dead stove. The director, Teodora Trofin, seems to have gone a wool gathering and she is in a fog about the children's poor conditions. The students that study at the school from Manzatesti- Ungheni commune, Iasi county- are forced to stay under these conditions, beyond the normality's limits. The 7th grade's pupils are in danger because of the smoking stove, in a classroom which can be aired only through the door.
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