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The secrets hidden behind the curtains

19 Iulie 2007
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"When we involved ourselves in this affair ,we were in subject with the situation of Fortus Sa . Untill now we have allocated half million of euro, and until the end of this year another 2 millions will be invested in this enterprise. But the Romanian state should not stay indifferent . It should help in a manner or other . When the situation would calm down , we could start finally with our projects," declared yesterday Mogamed Albarov, the new president of the executive council of Fortus Sa . A big number of persons are expected to work for Fortus. The russian management wants to rispect the Romanian laws and to colaborate with the local authorities from Iasi. ". It was a shock when I have heard that from 13 millions of employers , from how many Fortus had first, only 1700 remained still working," said Albarov .
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