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The Shadows Haunting the County's Economy

23 Aprilie 2007
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Iasi is on the top of the counties concerning the number of shadow companies, known as inactive taxpayers. Only Botosani and Bucharest have more shadow companies than Iasi. Iasi County has officially registered 61 inactive taxpayers, firms without activity and many of them- shadow companies, created only for justifying some activities which are not usually performed. Only Bucharest- with 220 such - and Botosani- with 70- do have more shadow companies. According to the National Agency for Fiscal Management, counties such as Bacau, Timis, Constanta, Brasov or Suceava have surpassed at this domain by the shadow companies of Iasi. In Bacau there have been registered only 6 shadow companies, in Timis- 55, in Brasov- 30 and in Constanta-27.
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