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30 Iunie 2007
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The rector of UMF Cristian Dragomir, refused to sign the entrance of the univerisity in a research project for motive that the prof. dr. Rodica Isac, directly involved in the course of the project, allowed herself to send him in Courthause for having decreased her illegaly the salary. The scholars that have been working for weeks to the elaboration of the project are still under shock because of the decision of rector Dragomir, because the university should have received 2 billions lei for nothing. More, the rector will be resent in front of justice because the 20 billions project disappeared. It`s incredibille! While the university is confronting with serious economical problems, the rector of UMF Gr. T. Popa, Cristian Dragomir provoked a scandal of proportions between the scholars of Iasi, disapproving a project that was meant to grow the economical budget of the medical institut of Iasi with some billions of lei. The rector Dragomir opposed himself to this project, to wich UMF was a contributor, because the prof. dr. Rodica Isac,directly involved in the project had the nerves to send him in Courthause for having decreased her the salary.
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