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The State, Swindled by Drumesti Town Hall

30 Noiembrie 2006
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Although the mayor Mihai Sabaiduc has buttoned up the contract with a certain firm, for the consolidation of Drumesti Town hall's home, the work is being done by the ones benefiting by the minimum guaranteed capital, people that are socially assisted. Only under the conditions that the firm which has contracted the work- SC Flori & Stef Construct SRL from Horlesti- encashes 480 thousand RON from the government's budget is this work to be done. The ones benefiting by the minimum guaranteed capital are paid separately by the institution's representatives, so that the firm seriously contracts the expenditure done in order to finalize this work. The mayor of Drumesti commune and a firm from Horlesti- Rediu commune, Iasi county- have planned an ingenious solution, on the crook, concerning the government's budget. Being one of the local elect who quitted PSD after the general election and rapidly aligned to PNL, Mihai Sabaiduc, the mayor of Dumesti commune, has obtained the sum of 5,5 billion lei( 550 thousand RON) from the governmental budget, in order to consolidate the Town hall's home.
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