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The Student from Medicine - Involved in Mancas' Murder

18 Mai 2007
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During a secret and hidden meeting within a room of the Court of Appeal Iasi, Daniel Braescu, the son of the famous physicians of Iasi, tried to release by himself from behind the bars, by revoking the bench warrant. On this occasion, Prosecutor Sorin Calin stated that Braescu, the student from Medicine, might have already known about the murder of businessman Daniel Mancas.

The record related to the murder of Daniel Mancas is far from being elucidated by the investigators. However, the latest piece of information beats even the best action movies. Daniel Braescu, the student from Medicine accused of having abetted at the crime, might have taken part properly to Mancas' murder, and not only to the corpse's hiding. Yesterday, the prosecutors from the Law Court of Iasi dismissed the requirement formulated by Daniel Braescu for revoking the bench warrant exactly because there is a suspicion according to which he would have been much more involved in this case than it has been known so far.

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