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The Teachers from Iasi Teaching the Europeans

9 Ianuarie 2007
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Being paid much better than in Romania, the teachers from Iasi could massively immigrate for teaching in the European Union's countries. For example, in Spain, where there are a lot of Romanians, a teacher's salary is eight times bigger than in Romania. "We have not received any application, but it's a question of time", declared Camelia Gavrila, Inspector General at ISJ." As long as there's not taken into account the fact we have to motivate the people, they would keep on leaving the country", emphasizes Gheorghe Isvoranu, the Leader of "Spiru Haret" Trade Unions' Educational Federation. As long as, for a couple of years the teachers have been leaving to the European Union's countries in order to have no matter what other job, the representatives of Iasi County School Inspectorate (ISJ) sustain that, but for the integration, they are expecting a huge amount of immigrants.
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