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The Tenants of Comanescu's Block Will Be Evacuated Next Monday

1 Iunie 2007
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The 4th of June is the last term for evacuating the tenants of the Block C7 on Boulevard Poitiers. These are obliged to displace from there so that they have come to the City Hall in order to ask for support. The building, owned by businessman Constantin Comanescu, was practically occupied abusively by the 78 families three years ago.

About 25 tenants of the building owned by the man of business Constantin Comanescu protested yesterday, probably for the last time, in front of the City Hall. They are dissatisfied with the fact that Monday, the 4th of June, is the deadline for the evacuating the tenants of the Block C7 on Poitiers Street. After a meeting between their representatives and Vice-mayor Constantin Adascalitei, the discontented people left towards CUG.

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