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The Terrible Shavers of Iasi Have Got Off

9 Martie 2007
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In the last two years, there have been four serious road accidents committed by the scissorbills of Iasi, all these accidents ending each time favorable to the sons of the rich parents'. Cristian Dobre's and Cristian Stanciu's victims have very suspiciously discontinued. Each time a rich boy hurts someone by a road accident, the victim either discontinues, or has no sort of pretensions for the one who has committed the road accident, or the victim simply draws the conclusion that the one having injured him is nothing but an innocent who has happened to mistake. The first case of this type is the accident in which there has been involved the son of the liberal deputy Traian Dobre. In May, 2005, Cristian Dobre hit an eight-year child on a pedestrian crossing on Copou Street.
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