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The Test in Romanian - Piece of Cake

19 Iunie 2007
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For the most of the VIII th grade students, yesterday's examination in Romanian Language and Literature, within the national tests, was piece of cake. After one hour, the pupils already began to leave, with happiness on their face. The presence at the examination was of approximately 93 per cent so that, from the total of 7,381 registered students, 6,832 sustained the exam. There were registered no difficulties or frauds. "The variants had been done at the classes, I do not think there will be any special problems. We hope that the ones who usually learn by heart will also manage. It is an easy variant, there might be some difficulties in the IIIrd part, where they should have proven that the quoted poem belongs to the lyric genre. In what concerns the pass, we are expecting a per cent similar to the ones in the previous years", stated Petru Apachitei, the inspector for Romanian Language.
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