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The Thermal Meters' Theft

1 Iunie 2007
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Thousands of inhabitants are monthly robbed by certain individuals that have floated their own companies for installation works and for registering the meters. Each citizen of Iasi pays monthly 0, 5 Euros for registering each meter within the dwelling, under the conditions that no person from the profile company has ever entered their house.

The ones that read the indicators must come each month to the tenants' houses in order to note the consumption on which the invoice bases. There are assembled thermal meters in more than 30 thousand flats in Iasi Town. In order to announce the reading of the machines, the companies post at the entrance of the blocks the program when the dwellings are visited; this is established once a month, for two hours. In case the tenants are not home, the employees of the companies do not call back but the company still encashes 0, 5 Euros for reading each meter. In this way, there are illegally encashed thousands of Euros without any effort.
Certain individuals who probably consider themselves "the smart guys of the thermal energy" invented a method - which is undoubtedly ingenious - in order to steal money directly from the citizens. It is about the guys that have floated their own companies for assembling and reading the meters and that monthly encash from each family registered on the list of customers from 1 up to 4 Euros without any effort, as a sort of protection tax.

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