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The Thieves' Areas

27 Aprilie 2007
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The top of the safest neighborhoods of Iasi have suffered important transformations during the last two years. If in 2005 the safest districts were Copou, Pacurari and Nicolina, in 2007 the safest ones are Tatarasi, Dacia and only then Copou and Pacurari. The main cause of these transformations is represented by the measures of arrestment applied to certain criminals that have terrorized the inhabitants from these areas for years. In 2005, the most dangerous districts of Iasi proved to be Tatarasi- Ciric and Metalurgie. This year, these areas have disappeared from the top, but they have been replaced by Poitiers, Bularga (quoted with 4) and the areas Nicolina-CUG and Cantemir (with grade 5).
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