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The Top Pupils from the Ghetto

17 Ianuarie 2007
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Paraschiva, Anton and Nori are among the top pupils in their classroom, even though they live in darkness, having no bread to put on the table. Despite the fact she is seriously ill, their mother would do any sacrifice in order to see her children educated. Each evening, the three brothers run to the catholic nuns with their books under the arm, so that to do their homework. " They are some special children, indeed. The way they prepare the homework is really interesting. They are very open-minded, very sociable and quite loved by their mates. Last year, both the brothers were on the top. Anton has even obtained an IQ above the average level, at the psychological test applied by the high school's psychologist", said Elena Serban, the children's teacher. Three children, the elder one having recently reached the age of 12, live in darkness, surviving due to the others' pity, but still being on the top of their classroom. The teachers from "Garabet Ibraileanu" High School- where Paraschiva, Anton and Nori Dadace study- have only appreciative words for these three children and their family. Even though they linger out, being brought up by their very sick mother, Paraschiva, Anton and Nori do want to continue their studies.
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