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The tragedy of the old man, sequestered in his own house

1 August 2007
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"The old man should live in wretched conditions, like I had never seen . His sheet are very filthy. It is a shame !", declared Maria Deleanu, the woman that attended the old man for 4 months. Eduard Popescu, the man that should take care of the old man does not want to recognize where he could be : prisoner in his house or in hospital. The neighbors of Cornel Spirescu, the old man that, according to the declarations of his relatives, is sequestrated in his own residence, tell all about the torment that the old man has to endure daily . At the age of 75 years, he has to part his rest of life with Doina Pascariu and Eduard Popescu,his cruel tenants . Maria Deleanu, of 54 years, the woman attended the old man for two years, is the only witness of his tragedy.
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