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The Undercover Officer's Disclosures

21 Decembrie 2006
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Incendiary testimony exclusively presented by the reporters from ZIUA of Iasi, after two hours spent in a court room full of interlopers from the world of drugs. An undercover investigator, infiltrated among the traffickers, reveled to the judges certain details related to the taking of the group's members. It is the first confession made by an undercover officer to the prosecutors from Iasi. The lawyers have fought with a jamming image and a distorted voice, having the code name "Nicu" "This image seems to be an echography. A forth month's human abortion", a lawyer who would have wanted to see Nicu showed his disapproval. Mother and son are in charged with having sold drugs to the students from Tudor Vladimirescu. The reporters from ZIUA of Iasi are going to relate exclusively one of the judge's sessions, which will certainly remain in the history of the justice of Iasi. Two days ago, at the Court of Iasi took place one of the first sessions in which an undercover officer accepted to enter among the dug traffickers.
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